‘Something for Everyone’ Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Merilee Kern
72 min readDec 1, 2022


If you’re anything like me — a savvy shopper indelibly on the hunt for great gifts and gets that can be bought online with all of the comfort and convenience e-Tail affords — you can probably relate that finding unique, worthy and especially “ah-inducing” giftables can take a tremendous amount of time and effort. So in the spirit of easing and expediting your shopping escapades, here are a cross-section of holiday gift picks across a multitude of categories (fun, tech, home, style, problem solvers, kitchen & cooking gadgets, foodie and self-care) that can all be purchased lickety-split with a few keystrokes.


Aventon’s Level.2 Commuter Electric Bike (https://www.aventon.com/)
Turn your unassuming commute into a joy ride with Aventon’s Level.2 Commuter Electric Bike. An upgrade to the company’s flagship commuter e-bike, this sleek street dream is just as innovative as it is efficient with a fully integrated battery, four integrated lights and a front suspension fork to provide ultimate comfort and safety no matter the terrain or time of day. Its torque sensor is transmission technology at its finest (and an Aventon first), offering riders the perfect balance between electric momentum and the power and cadence of their own body to conserve energy. Just when you think there’s not enough juice left in the tank, the Level.2 kicks it into high gear to get you where you need to be. That includes getting you there with your personal items, too. Equipped with preinstalled fenders and a rear rack, the Aventon Level.2 Commuter e-Bike can transport it all, from work essentials to picnic goodies, without the elements taking their toll. The bike’s five levels of pedal and assist mean you control how much or how little electric assist you get, while the throttle keeps you moving as it propels the e-bike at speeds up to 20 mph. Aventon riders can also learn more from their excursion with this model’s backlit LCD display, which helps monitor speed, battery life, distance traveled and even more data once synced with the company’s mobile app. Customize your ride even more with an adjustable front suspension that adapts to whatever feels best for you on the road. This excellent e-bike comes in two sizes that suit most adults and two colorways — clay and glacier — to best match your preference and style. Now, breathe easy; the road is yours for the taking.

Virgin Experience Gifts (https://www.virginexperiencegifts.com/)
Help loved ones make memories instead of clutter with more “stuff” this holiday season with Virgin Experience Gifts. From adrenaline-filled adventures, fantastic foodie options, relaxing spa days and outdoor experiences immersed in nature’s beauty, Virgin Experience Gifts are sure to offer the perfect present for any recipient on your list — especially with its expanded catalogue of options nationwide. You can gift a high-speed racing experience, flying lessons, cooking lessons from a renowned chef, golf lessons, hang-gliding, bungee jumping, site-seeing tours, brewery tours and multi-day trips in U.S. national parks — the opportunities to help someone make a dent in their bucket list are endless. Since 2005, Virgin Experience Gifts has been transforming the gift-giving game. Its team of experience experts and gift concierges fully vet every experience in its catalogue to ensure it’s something a gift recipient will love. The company boasts partnerships with more than 600 “Best in Class” vendors and experience providers to create an unparalleled portfolio of possibilities for every taste and budget. Virgin Experience Gifts also offers hassle-free gifting without compromise by giving customers instant e-vouchers that never expire and are easy to exchange, so you and your giftee can rest easy. After all, these experiences are special, unique, meaningful, convenient and always in stock — making them a great choice for gift lists for any occasion.

Santa’s Pick Gift Set from Batch Gifts (https://batchusa.com/)
Batch is making gift-giving easy this season with its Santa’s Pick Gift Set. It seems like everyone is obsessed with pickleball these days, which means the odds are good that someone on your holiday shopping list has taken up this new sport — or would like to. Encourage their latest hobby with this Batch gift box stocked with the Nettie Pickleball Bedford/Bainbridge Set, Altitude Snacks Mountain Magic, Chapel Hill Toffee and Ritual Chocolate Honeycomb Toffee in Dark Chocolate. Established in 2013 by three friends, Batch’s beginnings stemmed from their desire to make it easier to discover and share cool stuff made in Nashville, Tennessee. That first single-item subscription box has grown into a custom gift curation company that’s sold more than one million locally-made items across the U.S. and dozens of other countries. The Batch Santa’s Pick Gift Set is shipped for free, hand-packed in a kraft gift box and includes seasonal gift ribbon wrap for a fun, festive presentation. Customers need only select their favorite card, add a personal note and Batch will hand-write the message on the back. If finding the perfect present for your pickleball-playing loved ones isn’t enough, the fact that a portion of your purchase will be donated to a charitable cause is the altruistic bow that ties this set together as the ultimate gifting option.


Vankyo’s Performance V700W HD Projector (https://ivankyo.com)
The experience of the “big screen” is undeniable when it comes to being wholly immersed in the stories and content we love most. Thanks to Vankyo, you can now bring the power of cinema into the comfort of your own home with its Performance V700W HD Projector. Since 2017, Vankyo’s developed a reputation for being one of the most trustworthy projector brands in the industry. Its Performance V700W HD Projector boasts powerful, dual 5W speakers — supported by Dolby Digital Plus — were developed using advanced surround sound engineering algorithms and tuning technology to successfully create a 360-degree, panoramic soundscape. Now, you won’t only hear the sound, but can have an immersive auditory experience allowing you to feel the rumble of the bass and the trilling of the treble. For those who are more particular about the quality of the image, this projector showcases the latest LCD technology for a broader range of colors and a 1,000-to-one contrast ratio. Put simply, viewers can now enjoy rich, high definition 1080-pixel pictures from the convenience of their couches. Coupled with a 420 ANSI lumens of brightness, the clarity of the media can quickly convert any space into a private theater and put you front-row and center of a sporting event or concert. Even more, the company keeps eye health top of mind by utilizing low blue light emission and optimal color performance in accordance with IEC 62471–5. This technology is officially certified by TÜV Rheinland and ensures that eye strain is minimal. The Performance V700W HD Projector is also customizable to peoples’ specific needs, whether that be the size of the content or the mode with which you enjoy the sound. Span media across a whopping 120-inches with the item’s free-included screen, drop the height to a one-to-one ratio with the picture’s stars or create a more intimate experience without even moving the projector by reducing the scale with remote-controlled focus. With bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1, you can wirelessly connect to an external Bluetooth speaker or sound bar, or link a mobile phone, iPad and other devices to transform the Performance V700W HD Projector into a high-end Bluetooth speaker in its own right.

The Casiotone CT-S1WE by Casio (https://www.casio.com/)
Casio raised its own bar with the release of Casiotone CT-S1WE — the spiritual successor to the original Casiotone CT-201 from 1980. This great-sounding, stylish, ultra-portable keyboard is designed for anyone and everyone to enjoy playing … regardless of skill level. Its incredible sound quality makes the Casiotone CT-S1WE an ideal musical partner for beginners and seasoned players, alike. Its sleek, portable design also makes it fun to play anytime, anywhere. Express yourself with 61 studio-quality, stage-ready tones; a convenient metronome button to help you keep time and an easy one-button recorder to best capture ideas. With a keyboard that looks and sounds as good as it does, there’s no need to keep it on a stand. Just insert the required batteries, attach a strap and wherever you’re standing becomes center stage. Casio’s CT-S1WE can also reflect its owner’s style in more ways than one. Choose the color that best matches your home, look or life in general. The instrument’s streamlined design and simplified controls allow you to focus on practicing and performing without distraction. Sound quality-wise, the CT-S1WE’s AiX Sound Source delivers an auditory experience you’d expect from a keyboard that costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. Once powered, the instrument features electric pianos, organs, strings, synths and more, including a collection of vintage keyboard sounds. All you need to do is use the CT-S1WE’s bass-ported stereo speaker system, plug in your personal headphones or press the device’s “surround” button to be transported right in the middle of your own music.

SideTrak Swivel Attachable Laptop Monitor (https://sidetrak.com/)
Instantly double your laptop screen workspace with SideTrak Swivel’s game-changing new attachable, portable monitor technology. The full HD portable monitor magnetically attaches to the back of your laptop with a metal plate to combine the productivity of working on two screens with the portability of a laptop. It has been shown that adding a second screen increases productivity by 20–30 percent, which can save you more than eight hours each week. Furthermore, some studies indicate that upwards of 92 percent of people are expected to work from home at least one day per week in this post-pandemic world. Now, with the SideTrak Swivel, your remote or hybrid work schedule can become even more efficient. Users can easily set up their dual monitor workspace throughout the day, whether from a desk, couch or the outdoors. The attachment is lightweight, durable and slim with a design built for life on-the-go. It fits into most work bags so that you can carry it between your home and office. The SideTrak Swivel screen rotates 270-degrees and swivels a full 360-degrees, encouraging a more effective and convenient way to collaborate with others. The portable monitor can be attached, freestanding or utilized in portrait mode. The device is compatible with Windows, Chrome and Mac computer software. For recreation, SideTrak is also great for everything from streaming favorite shows, FaceTiming friends and family, multitasking and everything in between.

SunShader Laptop Sun, Heat & Privacy Shade (https://sunshader.com)
SunShader is the anti-glare laptop sunshade, heat shield and privacy screen that will set you free. It protects your laptop from the sun, so you can see your screen clearly in direct sunlight, while simultaneously preventing your device from overheating — helping to maximize the long-term battery life of your computer. SunShader also protects your device from rain and unexpected splashes, while also doubling as a privacy shade that keeps your work (or your team’s work) private while working outside, traveling and in public spaces. The laptop shade folds down into your bag and uses the company’s proprietary, rubberized clips to attach to the edge of your screen. From coffee shops, co-working spaces or with friends on campus, the beach, pool, backyard and beyond, SunShader is transforming habits from “work from home” to work from anywhere. The item comes in medium and large sizes, so it’s important to measure the horizontal width of the device to order the proper size. Customers also have the option of selecting their shade in two colors: light grey and charcoal grey. Not happy with your purchase? SunShader, Inc. has a 30-day returns promise, making gifting this laptop accessory to yourself, or others, a cool no-brainer this holiday season.

Oculamp All Day, All Night Light by Ocushield (https://www.ocushield.com/)
Did you know blue light is found in all light sources? That’s right, from the sun to handheld devices, our eyes are constantly exposed to this harmful type of light, which can impact both your eyes’ and body’s overall health. With Ocushield’s Oculamp All Day, All Night Light, you can help protect your peepers by reducing blue light to a low level in your home. This dimmable, portable lamp was created to help customers improve their sleep, beat eye strain, and mitigate headaches, dry eyes and poor eyesight. Blue light is shown to alter your internal body clock by blocking melatonin — the hormone that reminds your body it’s time for sleep. While most bulbs in everyday households produce blue light, this optometrist-developed lamp allows users to change its bulbs’ intensity through three color settings designated for different times of the day. During those times when you want your space at its brightest, the Oculamp can be adjusted to its cool white setting in the morning, neutral white for a calming afternoon or warm white for the evening to help signal that it’s time to wind down. The product also includes convenient features, including a touch pad, the ability to fold for easy travel and a flexible, adjustable base for users to pick their perfect viewing angle. One charge of the Oculamp provides up to 30 hours of light and it reaches a full charge in three hours through the micro-USB charger that comes with the item. Ocushield is confident shoppers will love the item so much, the company offers a 100-day, money-back guarantee for those who are not completely satisfied with their purchase.

The Ivy Health Tracker from Bellabeat (https://bellabeat.com/)
Bellabeat’s Ivy Health Tracker is one of the top wearables on the market specifically designed and engineered for women, in that it conveniently doubles as an elegant statement bracelet. Named as one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022, Bellabeat’s Ivy Health Tracker monitors a woman’s daily routine, her body’s bio-responses and correlates the data with her menstrual cycle, pregnancy and other key data points. All help contribute to the wearer’s complete understanding of their self-care effectiveness and overall health, including hormonal balance, moods and symptoms. With all that information stored in Ivy’s mobile app, the tracker’s advanced sensors continuously capture the body’s reactions and daily habits — providing women with valuable insight into their unique life pace. Additional features include a daily readiness score, wellness score, heart rate, respiratory rate, unmatched cycle tracking and is the only tracker with an adjusted pregnancy mode that provides full week-by-week tracking. This versatile device is available in six colors, including jet black, snow white, blush rose gold, blush silver, garden jet black and garden rose gold. The Muse Design Award winner has been recognized as a valuable resource for mental health, wellness and mindfulness, and pairs nicely with other Bellabeat products.

Interaxon Inc.’s Muse S Gen 2 Meditation Headband (https://choosemuse.com)
The Muse S Gen 2 Meditation Headband by Interaxon helps you fall asleep, stay that way or go back to sleep again if you awaken during the night. With the same features as the award-winning Muse 2 coupled with the advanced EEG-sleep technology the company is known for, this updated, plush Muse S Gen 2 Meditation Headband now helps wearers learn the art of brain-powered meditation and get the sleep support they need to catch quality ‘Zs.’ Muse has been used in over 200 published studies and, in a 2021 study (led by Western University, Cambridge Brain Science, Hatch and Interaxon), participants using the garment showed a 20 percent improvement in the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index — providing an innovative, non-pharmaceutical solution for users to get the rest they need to boost their overall wellness. The device is billed as a “Digital Sleeping Pill” that provides immediate support to help you through the wind-down process by responding to your brain’s rhythms, allowing you to successfully disengage from your busy mind. The technology detects the natural changes in your brain activity as you fall asleep and uses those to gently fade out your audio to cue your brain that it’s time to snooze. If you wake in the night, Muse S uses the same Smart-Fade technology to automatically fade in the “Digital Sleeping Pill” content to guide you back to sleep again. Muse S also knows its customer-base isn’t one-size-fits-all. Unlock a rich content library of 500-plus meditations from renowned teachers, relaxation techniques, Go-to-Sleep soundscapes and in-depth courses.

LectroFan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine (https://www.soundofsleep.com/)
Here’s another smart tech solution to help restless sleepers. Adaptive Sound Technologies offers the LectroFan Micro2 — a portable Bluetooth speaker and an all-in-one sleep sound machine with 11 built-in noises to help users slumber soundly. The Silicon Valley-based company has redefined the science of sleep with its breakthroughs in ambient noise analysis and dynamic adaptive audio. Thanks to Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc., this innovative the LectroFan Micro2 sleep product is helping customers relax, fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a better night’s rest. For people on the go, this speaker easily pairs with your smartphone for streaming audio and making calls with the built-in microphone. Customers can also select the device’s sleep sound mode and enjoy their choice of five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink and brown noise and two ocean surf sounds. Research has shown that white noise is beneficial for sleeping because it creates a calming ambiance, blocks out other noises and produces an even-toned, consistent amplitude that helps soothe the brain and prepare it to enter homeostasis. The LectroFan Micro2 is powered by a built-in battery that lasts up to 40 hours playing sleep sounds, or 20 hours playing Bluetooth audio between charges. You can even rotate the speaker to customize your sound. An update of the original Micro, the LectroFan Micro2 offers easy portability with its new shape, improved ergonomics and a larger battery for longer battery life making it the perfect addition to that travel bag.

The Barnacle Pro Waterproof Speaker from Speaqua (https://speaqua.com/)
A great way to bring music to more places, no matter the conditions, is with The Barnacle Pro — a portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker designed to perform everywhere and anywhere. Created by San Diego-based brand Speaqua, this highly adaptable device redefines the possibility of Bluetooth speakers by allowing you to bop along to your favorite songs with superior sound quality from summit to sea. Speaqua’s Water Play Technology offers listeners the ability to seamlessly enjoy their music between land and water without needing to disconnect. And, with enough internal memory to store up to 2,000 songs directly on the speaker, you don’t need Wi-Fi or a smartphone to enjoy. Other features of the shock, dust and sand-proof Barnacle Pro include eight hours of battery life, floatation capabilities, removable suction cup and a four-in-one mounting system. For buyers on-the-go, you can easily place the speaker on any action camera, GoPro, bike and board mounts or strap it to backpacks, tents and belt loops with the device’s built-in carabiner clip. It also features dual speaker pairing, so audiophiles can sync two Barnacle Pro speakers for an even richer listening experience. Find the speaker that best meets the user’s lifestyle with 13 color choices.

Edifier’s True Wireless In-Ear Headphones (https://edifier-online.com/)
When you want to block out the world or become more aware of your surroundings, Edifier’s True Wireless Noise Cancellation In-Ear Headphones (model W240TN) will help you do it via its extraordinary active noise cancellation and ambient sound. These headphones utilize Al DNN’s call noise-cancellation technology to accurately pick up sounds, separate the noises and human voice and keep conversation crisp — allowing wearers to make calls even in noisy environments. Armed with coaxial dual dynamic drivers; a 10-mm woofer; a 6- mm- tweeter and a wide soundstage, these buds are aimed at immersing listeners in their favorite music. Customers can enjoy a whole day of endless listening with Edifier’s W240TN headphones, which feature eight and a half hours of playback with the noise cancellation off, plus an additional 17 hours of charging using the case. Moreover, the ambient noise level can be adjusted through the Edifier Connect app, helping listeners instantly switch from immersed to alert without ever taking the earbuds out. Other impressive specs include Bluetooth 5.3, hybrid ANC and an IP55 water-and sweat-resistant rating. The headphones come with four different sizes of ear tips to suit unique ear shapes for a secure, stable fit and to maximize the overall product experience.

ISOtunes Sport’s CALIBER Noise-Isolating Earbuds (https://isotunes.com/)
Unique in the earbud sector is CALIBER. These noise-isolating earbuds are created specifically for modern-day sport shooters and hunters who need protection from gunshot noises and hearing amplification for increased performance, but without the hassle of tangled wires. The ISOtunes Sport’s CALIBER Noise-Isolating Earbuds are ideal for those who prefer lightweight and comfortable protection that still allow them to listen to music or speak and communicate with others while shooting. In fact, the electronic ear pro includes a background noise-reducing microphone that was especially built to enable clear communication in loud environments. An in-ear style Bluetooth headset, the earbuds contain ISOtunes Sport’s proprietary Tactical Sound Control technology for amplified natural sound and gunshot noise reduction — helping to enhance your hearing by eight times while protecting you from high-impact noises in less than two milliseconds. This tech allows users to hear ambient sounds and range commands at an amplified level but shuts off when a gun is triggered. Exhibiting a true wireless design, CALIBER earbuds feature 13-hour battery life with two full additional charges stored within its rechargeable case and are completely dust, sweat and waterproof. Launched by Haven Technologies in 2021, ISOtunes Sport strives to develop hearing protectors that bring 21st-century technology and comfort to tactical earmuffs and earplugs.

SmartBidet’s SB-2400ER Electric Bidet (https://www.smartbidetusa.com)
The folks at SmartBidet asks: We use water to cleanse our hands, faces and entire bodies, why not wash our bottoms, too? The company’s premium model, the SB-2400ER electric bidet toilet seat, comes equipped with a heated seat, water and dryer with adjustable temperatures and pressures that can be customized to the person’s liking. Other features include oscillating posterior and feminine washes, a three-in-one self-cleansing nozzle that occurs before and after every wash, LED night light, soft close lid and seat and an auto clean button that automatically washes and dries your bottom. This model fits standard elongated toilets as well as some French Curve toilets. All you have to do is remove your toilet’s existing seat and easily DIY-install the SB-2400ER onto your commode. SmartBidet’s installation guide was designed for the average Joe or Jane to easily follow its step-by-step video or manual on their own, with the entire process only clocking in at around 20–30 minutes. In addition, users can conveniently mount the large remote control onto a nearby wall and utilize the easy-to-follow operation panel for the seat’s most commonly used functions. Opting for SmartBidet’s SB-2400ER electric bidet toilet seat is also eco-friendly and energy efficient with its auto and super energy-saving options, as well as requiring little to no toilet paper usage courtesy of the bidet’s dryer function. To clean inside, simply remove the nozzle cap. All hardware is included with your purchase, but does require a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

OCLEAN’s X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush (https://www.oclean.com/)
One of the smartest brushes on the block, the X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush by OCLEAN boasts a battery life of up to 35 days and Qi Quick Charge technology enabling it to fully charge in just 3.5 hours. With unprecedented breakthroughs in functionality and style that earned it the Good Design Award, the X Pro Elite features WhisperClean technology certified by Quiet Mark. This allows the device to emit at an ultra-quiet 45dB when operating at maximum power, compared to the 55–65dB by competitors. Using OCLEAN’s AI algorithm, the X Pro Elite Smart Electric Toothbrush analyzes the way you brush your teeth, and even recommends methods to improve your technique using the dental model on its 0.96-inch touch screen display. Instant feedback communicates with users by relaying a total brushing score, time and keeps you brushing at your best with a blind-zone reminder. The toothbrush’s high-powered motor spins at a maximum of 42,000rpm to ensure you reach and detect difficult plaque and stain build ups with ease. It also features DuPont Diamond Bristles to better protect gums and teeth enamel. The X Pro Elite’s stylish, yet elegant design is an industry first — with OCLEAN utilizing tactile craftsmanship on the exterior to create a stone-like feel in the hand and a natural and textured finish to seamlessly match any modern bathroom.

*** FOR THE HOME ***

Platin Audio’s ‘Monaco’ 5.1.2 Wireless Audio Surround Sound System (https://www.platinaudio.us/)
For those who don’t want to compromise on their entertainment, the newly launched Monaco 5.1.2 with WiSA SoundSend from Platin Audio unlocks the high-definition sound that today’s music, movies, games and shows offer — delivering it with cinema-quality surround sound. The first wireless audio system to incorporate true Dolby Atmos up-firing speakers, Platin Audio’s Monaco 5.1.2 fuses state-of-the-art WiSA technology and the power of Dolby Atmos to deliver an immersive audio solution for customers to enjoy a theater-level experience from the comfort of home. Its simple plug-and-play setup can transform any entertainment center equipped with a smart TV into a spatial sound arena within minutes. Platin Audio’s team of passionate designers and engineers has committed itself to being a technology leader in the category, working to make high-performing audio systems that facilitate high-quality aural and visual storytelling. The company has upped its ante with its Monaco 5.1.2 with WiSA SoundSend, which leverages WiSA HT’s eight channels of high-definition, extremely low-latency and tightly synchronized audio to decode and properly play Dolby Atmos audio tracks in a home environment. With integrated front left and right up-firing speakers, the audio system is uniquely engineered to the Dolby specifications for Dolby Atmos and is actually certified by Dolby. Now, instead of listening to your favorite streaming and on-demand content with audio emanating from only one direction, you’ll hear dragons swooping overhead or feel like you’re actually in the crowd at the big game. It’s a true entertainment game changer that will be appreciated potentially daily for years to come.

yeedi Mop Station Pro (https://www.amazon.com)
The yeedi Mop Station Pro is a built-in “washing machine” for your mops. The yeedi mop station pro is yeedi’s newest cleaning robot combo with a built-in mop washing machine. The self-cleaning station automatically washes the mopping pads every 10 minutes to keep them clean — and dries them when cleaning completes. Truly hassle-free and hands-free. It boasts 3000Pa strong suction power to pick up any dirt on the floor, and a 750ml capacious swapping dustbin bigger than that of most robot vacuums on the market stores more dust for less emptying. Two mopping pads with 10N force to the floor cling to the ground and spin 180 times per minute to loosen and wipe off the most annoying stains with ease. Its smart visual mapping and navigation identifies your rooms to rebuild your home layout and plans an efficient cleaning path for whole floor coverage without missing any spots. It also has a carpet detection sensor that identifies your floor. When a carpet is detected, yeedi will steer away from it in mopping mode and automatically crank up suction power in vacuuming mode to assure you get the best clean. The mops are always clean to perform for next time. Two 3.5-liter water tanks store clean and wastewater separately to avoid cross-contamination. yeedi even dries the washed mops to avoid odor generation when clean completes. The yeedi app and voice control lets you set cleaning sequence, schedule cleaning, set up a no-go zone, and more anywhere, anytime, and integration with Alexa and Google Home allows you to clean with your voice. Powered by a 5200mAh battery, it also boasts a full 180 minutes of runtime on a single charge and with auto recharge. It’ll return to the base station for charging and resume cleaning right where it left off. With this yeedi Mop Station Pro innovation, keeping a clean and thoroughly mopped floor has never been easier.

Joy to the World Collectibles (https://joytotheworldonline.com/)
Joy to the World Collectibles (JTTW) has released more than 50 new hand-crafted ornaments for 2022 — just in time to decorate your holiday tree this year or help others adorn theirs in fabulous form. The European company uses Poland’s top artisans, which includes a talented slate of sculptors, glass blowers and painters, to create unique these handmade ornaments. It takes an average of seven production days to make each piece, with master artisans crafting each ornament from the beginning stages of the clay mold to the finishing touches of glitter. Certain to have something for everyone, Joy to the World Collectibles’ exclusive, collectible ornaments feature 1,000-plus designs. One of its claims to fame is that the studio offers the world’s largest pet ornament collection with more than 750 options, ranging from diva dogs, cats and birds to pets in ugly sweaters … and every breed of pup you can think of. Travel enthusiasts can commemorate their adventures with luggage tag and themed Santa ornaments reflecting countries, states and cities across the globe — all made entirely by hand. The collection also consists of traditional holiday favorites, including intricate Santa Clauses, nutcrackers, festive snowmen and wintry scenes. There are also options for every niche or specialty audience like cocktails for drink aficionados, festive finds for foodies, and ornaments for travel enthusiasts, sports lovers and outdoorsmen.

Canopy x The Skinny Confidential Aroma Diffuser (https://getcanopy.co/)
A diffuser that tantalizes all five senses and doesn’t require water to operate? Yes, please. The limited-edition Canopy x The Skinny Confidential Aroma Diffuser makes aromatherapy easy and efficient. Canopy, a line of clean wellness devices for the home, and Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, creator of The Skinny Confidential lifestyle brand, have partnered to create the cute, pink aroma diffuser that is skin-friendly and dermatologist-approved. It’s also waterless, meaning no mess and no mold — making it effortless to elevate your space. With two ways to diffuse, via a fragrance puck resting on the top grate for short-term diffusion or inserted well inside the body of the device for long-term diffusion, this tool makes it easy to switch aromas and have complete control over your experience. Its compact size also makes it perfect for any room or surface. Plus, it’s easy to use and clean. Customers utilize aromatherapy for stress relief, energizing the mind, boosting mood and promoting relaxation. With this diffuser’s versatile setup, diffusing can be made part of a daily ritual, whether while working, meditating, during skincare or at bedtime. Choose from three delicious aromas: “Hot Girl Morning,” a refreshing citrus scent to awaken the senses; “Mommy Needs a Minute,” a vanilla-scented afternoon pick-me-up; or “Get the F*** to Bed,” a Zen incense oil designed to clear your mind and help you relax. Don’t worry about exposure to harsh chemicals, either. This vegan, cruelty-free product offers a clean diffusion and is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

Park Seed Company’s Gardening Supplies (https://parkseed.com/)
Grow your favorite foods and flowers effortlessly every day of the year with the fully automated Click & Grow Smart Garden 9. This is Park Seed Company’s self-sustaining indoor garden that makes sure your plants get the perfect amount of water, light, oxygen and nutrients so they flourish with the freshest taste and most nutritious value. Established in 1868 by 15-year-old George W. Park, Park Seed Company is one of the oldest and largest mail-order seed and plant companies — priding itself in offering the highest standards in products and services to home gardeners. Its Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 does all the work for you with its self-watering system, energy-efficient LED lights and smart soil technology. Simply plant your favorite Park Seed brand seeds in the biodegradable Grow Anything Pod and pop them into the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9. Its stylish, minimalist design blends beautifully into home decors, while adding a contemporary solution to modern living: greater self-sufficiency that reduces trips to the grocery store. Another convenient Park Seed product is the Kangaroo Collapsible Garden Container or, as the company refers to it, the “garden bag of the future.” It stays upright and open while you work, freeing gardeners’ hands for raking leaves, pruning plants, spreading mulch or whatever “today” in the garden brings. Then, when empty, the bag swirls flat, forming a three-inch circle you can hang or stack anywhere. Constructed of super-durable, lightweight polyvinyl, the Kangaroo Collapsible Garden Container is as tall as it is wide and is perfect for anytime you run across a chore that needs doing. Mildew-resistant and strong enough to withstand punctures and tears, it will last for many seasons of tough garden chores. In fact, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with anything else.

3-Piece Gardening Set by Centurion (https://www.amazon.com/)
Centurion’s 1222 3-Piece Lopper, Hedge Shear and Pruner Set delivers three key pieces of equipment in one package to get any yard in tiptop shape. The ergonomic steel lopper, heavy-hardened carbon steel hedge shears and a comfortable molded grip pruner make trimming and cutting branches, bushes and plants a breeze. Plus, their bright yellow handles make them easy to find when left outside. Centurion gardening tools are designed and engineered to be customer-favorites. With the right tools, users will get a lot more done and, most importantly, won’t be quite as sore at the end of a gardening day. This three-piece lawn and garden set is made to last with an ultra-durable and strong carbon steel blade that ensures super long life and is also rust-resistance. The lopper features fully hardened, precision-ground steel blades that stay sharp, which help the blades glide through even 1.5-inch wood without a problem. Centurion’s hedge shears have heavy hardened carbon steel blades that stay sharp, with a wavy blade design. This helps to grip branches for solid cutting. The tool also features a shock-absorbent bumper to help reduce strain. The final item in the set, Centurion’s bypass pruner, cuts branches up to 1/2-inch in diameter, has hardened high carbon steel blades and a PVC, non-slip cover on the handles to provide more grip. With this Centurion tool set in hand, your trees, shrubs and bushes can always look beautiful.


Judy — A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato (https://judygarlandfragrance.com/)
Old Hollywood nostalgia comes alive in this sophisticated, modernized fragrance created to capture the spirit of Judy Garland. Developed by cosmetic chemist Vincenzo Spinnato, Judy — A Garland Fragrance was created in honor of Garland’s 100th birthday celebration, and is reminiscent of the late star’s favorite scents, aromas and perfumes. But, how does one formulate a legacy? Garland’s daughters, Lorna Luft and Liza Minnelli, tapped the “certified nose” and President and CEO of TurnKey Beauty, Inc. to oversee the entire project, from fragrance development and manufacturing to creating a custom bottle and packaging. It’s Spinnato’s goal that Judy — A Garland Fragrance respects the starlet’s memory and hopefully introduces her to a new generation of fans. Just like Garland, this all-inclusive and gender-neutral scent embraces everyone. It showcases dark orchid, coriander, a medley of sultry gourmand and spice notes and a hint of the official Judy Garland Rose. The coriander, elemi and Californian grapefruit shimmer over a heart of honeyed rose before deepening to notes of dark orchid and pink pepper, intended to evoke the emotion of Garland’s music and classic Hollywood films. Judy — A Garland Fragrance creates a luring and captivating experience, as the lingering sweetness of tonka bean, bourbon vanilla and caramel balance against notes of velvety musk and patchouli woods. For a limited time, customers can purchase the fragrance in a limited-edition, 100th birthday celebratory bottle, with 1 percent of the net sales going toward the Entertainment Community Fund.

*** STYLE ***

Blue Planet Watch by CIGA Design (https://cigadesign.com/)
An exquisitely designed watch, the Blue Planet watch from CIGA Design is centered around our collective home: Earth. Richly depicting crisp oceans, sprawling mountains and pristine land, the intricate design of this award-winning timepiece is complemented by a curved sapphire glass dome that reveals every detail on the dial, perfectly illustrating the planet’s atmosphere and the protection it provides. To fully appreciate the Series U Blue Planet mechanical watch, CIGA Design has notably transformed the conventional way of telling time. The compass rose featured on the watch’s face acts as a pointer to the two orbiting rings to give a reading of the hour and minute. This simple, innovative way of time telling allows the wearer to fully appreciate the unique aesthetic and function of the Blue Planet watch — also serving as a reminder of how we should appreciate and protect the Earth. In fact, CIGA Design has collaborated with the Earth Day Organization to launch a special edition gift box to put environmental protection into action. It combines the watch and EDO’s “Protect our Blue Earth”-themed pendant using environmentally friendly decoration. The watch features a “World Earth Day” limited-edition logo on the bottom cap using environment-friendly screen printing, while the Blue Planet’s case is made of more expensive and eco-conscious recycled titanium material to help to reduce carbon pollution. A piece that will stand the test of time, this 2021 GPHG Challenge Watch Prize Winner gives you the world on your wrist.

The Luminox X Volition America Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant Watch (https://volitionamerica.com/)
Make a bold statement with the first-ever, full Navy pallet watch from Luminox X Volition America. The collaboration’s Leatherback Sea Turtle Giant timepiece comes in the exclusive “Navy Out” colorway and features a striking tonal camo dial and red secondhand. The Volition America logo is placed at 6 o’clock on the dial — offering hardcore Luminox customers a watch that showcases their charitable spirit and devotion to the brand’s DNA. Featuring a 44-millimeter, fiberglass compound-case and water resistance up to 100 meters, this all-Navy Sea Turtle Giant watch is Swiss-made and equipped with the proven Luminox Light Technology lighting system that emits a constant glow in any light condition. It’s “Always Visible,” self-powered for up to 25 years. The Luminox and Volition America partnership benefits a greater purpose that aligns with both brands’ missions of supporting the U.S. and those who believe and fight for the nation’s freedoms. With each watch sold, a portion of proceeds will go toward the Folds of Honor nonprofit organization, which supports families and spouses of fallen or disabled military heroes through educational scholarships. Volition America is a collaboration of premium brands with the desire to build unity in our country, empower positive choice, and encourage a unifying expression of love for America that transcends culture, gender, race, age, and political beliefs.

Moonglow Personalized Jewelry (https://www.moonglow.com/)
Moonglow Jewelry offers personalized fashion accessories with a unique and meaningful flair, allowing you to unique capture (and wear) life’s moments in the celestial sense. Founded by Julien Plouffe and Aurelie Dudziak, the company began with the idea of connecting people with the moon phase that correlates to their most important memories and events. They brought this vision to trade shows and consumers — helping people find their moons and moments — before gaining an international presence and establishing its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Moonglow Jewelry uses quality metals and hand-finished touches in its product line of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets and men’s pieces. Its Birthstone Cosmic Spiral Ring is a classic item featuring an attention-getting charm that brilliantly depicts how the moon phase looked on a special date along with a birthstone. This rhodium-plated ring includes a 10-millimeter constellation image, mini-Swarovski birthstone crystal and is adjustable to fit sizes six through 10. Another top pick from Moonglow Jewelry’s various opportunities to showcase special moon-phase moments is the Moon & Crystal Tie Bar in Black. It’s a sophisticated, modern take on traditional tie clips and more personal and meaningful than standard initial engraving. This slim, moon-phase accessory makes an eye-catching statement for the fashion-forward and comfortably casual, alike. Artfully crafted in black matte or brushed stainless steel, the Moon & Crystal Tie Bar features a lunar phase charm that recalls a special moment in time. Wearers will love the novel way it glows in darkness and the playful drop of the sparkling Swarovski crystal for an added touch of class. Simply choose the date and Moonglow Jewelry will do the rest. The tie bar will arrive in a signature gift box with a card describing the moon phase selected. Not sure which moon phase to choose? Take the company’s moon quiz to learn more.

14K Gold-Plated Moon Sunflower Hoop Earrings by VANCARO (https://www.vancaro.com/)
Designed by VANCARO, a company known for unique jewelry designs, the Moon Sunflower Hoop Earrings for Women feature exquisite designs on both sides of each piece — turning heads of passersby from every angle. The 10-year-old company expertly crafts original, high-quality jewelry for all life’s celebrations, including a collection of designer and wedding jewelry with superb workmanship. VANCARO’s Moon Sunflower Hoop Earrings are a testament to this by featuring 14K gold-plated, hypoallergenic copper for a more lustrous appearance and AAA premium-quality, white cubic zirconia that make the earrings’ sculpted moon shine like the satellite planet they’re modeled after. The nature-inspired jewelry is intended to evoke the symbolism behind the sunflower highlighted in the design, with its bright yellow blooms crafted to lift the mood of those receiving the delicate piece. Designers decorated the jewelry with sparkling stones and precious metals to emphasize the flower’s beauty and incorporated yellowish-orange champagne cubic zirconia stones studded into the sunflower’s center to add a touch of softness. Sunflowers are an emblem of happiness and optimism and represent longevity, love and loyalty making it a highly meaningful gift item.

Ear Cuffs from Starlette Galleria (https://www.starlettegalleria.com/)
Do you love the look of extra piercings, but aren’t sure you want to commit? The Bezel Ear Cuff by Starlette Galleria has you (and your ears) covered and can bend gently to your appendage, making it easy to put wherever you’d like on your lobe. The universally sized Bezel Ear Cuff (reportedly a top-seller for the company in 2020) is crafted with 925 sterling silver. Customers can purchase the ear cuff plated in rhodium or 14-karat gold, which is set in a bezel setting with AAA cubic zirconia stones. Starlette Galleria’s bedazzled Ear Cuff is another great option that gives wearers the opportunity to rock a non-permanent look with this chic, removable piece. The hypoallergenic item is made of 925 sterling silver, plated in rhodium or 14-karat gold, features AAA cubic zirconia stones and is set in a classic prong setting. You can mix and match these individually sold ear cuffs, which are great for people of all ages. Do note that both items can be flipped off when removing things from behind your ears so wear mindfully. Starlette Galleria’s collection varied of luxury items include necklaces, bracelets and earrings — making for great gifting options for friends and family.

Trendhim Style Accessories for Men (https://www.trendhim.com/)
Men’s accessories are not just reserved for special occasions, nor are they specific to any group of men. It’s also not about gimmicks or impressing others. To Trendhim, it’s about telling your story and expressing what makes you your own — specifically through the smaller things you wear. The brand designs quality men’s accessories that are both fashionable and affordable, ranging from bags and belts to watches and sunglasses. Its Short Gold-Tone Tie Bar and Gold-Tone Cube Collar Bar each provide an extra touch of modern gentleman to your look. The shorter length of the tie bar is a good fit for a narrow or a semi-narrow tie and helps keep the garment in place while making you look dapper at the same time. Trendhim’s cube collar bar also adds a touch of class to your simple fit, sitting neatly behind a tie-knot or at either ends of your shirt’s collar. For sunny days, the company’s vast product line has you covered — literally. Its Classic Black and Black Biker Sunglasses are crafted with the urban, streetwise rider in mind and feature a sleek, modern and edgy style. Part of Trendhim’s Locs biker collection, these swaggy shades have a slim and sculpted look, with the frame’s smoky, dark lenses delivering all the UV protection — and bad boy appeal — you’ll need to take your baby out for a cruise. In addition, the Mustard Yellow Ecuadorian Straw Panama Hat offers more environmental protection in a fashion-forward way with its angled brim. The hap is handmade from 100 percent paja toquilla (Ecuadorian straw) and unlined for increased breathability in warmer weather. It features a navy-blue sweatband and hat band that bring a nice pop of color to the accessory’s light tan shade.

FREEBIRD’s ‘Woodland’ Design Boots (https://www.freebirdstores.com/)
An outlaw of the Wild West, FREEBIRD’s “most wanted” Woodland Boots are the perfect ally with a western silhouette and traditional snip toe construction. Fashioned with decorative stitching and leather pull straps, this 2” low-heeled boot is ready for anything. The Woodland Boot is available in 11 colors including the Red, Black Croco Multi, Suede and Ice. By incorporating exotic metalwork, high-quality leathers and intricate designs, FREEBIRD’s collection of statement shoes are truly wearable works of art that are intended to make the owner feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. The company was founded in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, and is assembled by a team of individuals who are passionate about creating one-of-a-kind products carefully crafted to help their customers stand out. In fact, no two pairs of the brand’s assorted product line are the same, with each footwear duo showcasing unique variations between the leather and suede that are entirely specific to the individual item. Offering a variety of high-quality, handmade leather boots, booties and more, FREEBIRD products are especially designed to make customers feel like they can conquer anything and stand out from the crowd. The company also works to stand out from the competition, too. Its designers utilize the time-honored Goodyear welt craftsmanship, which guarantees that the boots are durable and wearable for years to come.

Fashion-Forward Footwear for Women and Men from OluKai (https://olukai.com/)
For women, or “wāhine,” who love to wear slippers year-round, OluKai offers the Kīpe’a Heu Slipper. This fluffy, genuine shearling-wrapped sandal is motivated by the Hawaiian-inspired brand’s commitment to comfort. They’re extremely soft and, thanks to a durable rubber outsole, you won’t have to take them off to step outside or have better traction indoors. OluKai’s men’s Lae‘ahi Lī ‘Ili Sneaker also doesn’t compromise on its promise of first-rate support — upgrading the everyday beach sneaker to new heights. The dapper men’s shoe combines best-in-class construction with full-grain leather to put a sophisticated spring in your step. OluKai uses natural, high-character leathers to craft this sneaker, with hues and color tones varying slightly from pair to pair. This company is known for expert quality and craftsmanship from heel to toe, utilizing handcrafted details and premium materials throughout its product line to honor island culture and authentic artwork. Each piece of footwear is made to be beautiful, durable and soft against your skin, and is built on anatomically contoured foot beds to ensure proper medial and lateral arch support, long-term comfort and a personal fit right out of the box. OluKai footwear is so confident in its products, their products are backed by a one-year guarantee against manufacture’s defects.

‘Fraser’ Men’s Sneaker from Woolloomooloo (https://www.woolloomoolooshoe.com/)
Designed and knitted meticulously to bring effortless versatility to your feet, the Fraser sneaker from Woolloomooloo makes the perfect sock-less shoe. Woolloomooloo takes athleisure to a whole new level of comfort with its knitted Australian merino wool upper and wool-lined footbed and signature elastic lace system. The company is committed to spinning the finest wool product to create the world’s premier wool sneakers — utilizing sustainable materials to build footwear that is better for your feet and the planet. While wool has been used in footwear for years, it’s mostly used as a filtered or boiled product, which has its limitations. Woolloomooloo’s knitted wool, however, brings out the natural elasticity and ultimate breathability throughout its flock of year-round shoes. Its choice of Merino wool works to insulate your skin from the cold environment through trapping heat within the structure, while amazingly transferring moisture away from the skin when temperatures start to rise. As a hygroscopic fiber, wool readily absorbs moisture (up to 35 percent of its own weight) to keep feet dry and prevent the build-up of sweat and bacteria. This eliminates unpleasant odors but, when your kicks could do with a touch up, they are machine washable to keep them looking and smelling brand new. Woolloomooloo’s Fraser design is made with a recycled EVA, all terrain outsole and provides maximum flexibility and grip for those who sometimes find themselves off the beaten track. They come in seven shades, including green, sand, sand camo, blue multi, red multi, black multi and graphite.

Dooney & Bourke’s DB75 Multi Collection’s Multi Ginger Crossbody (https://www.dooney.com/)
This adorable handbag is multi-color mania. Dooney & Bourke’s DB75 Multi Collection is all about the shades with its joyful, multi-color signature print that stands out against a high-contrast background. For one, the collection’s Multi Ginger Crossbody bag features a lightweight crossbody with functional elements, like an adjustable three-piece strap and an interior clip to secure keys in a handy spot. Dooney & Bourke’s brand staple has long since defied changing tastes with a classic approach to luxury since 1975 — working to ensure its elegant silhouettes, jewelry-grade hardware and rich European leathers stand the test of time. Dooney and Bourke utilizes European craftsmanship and refining techniques to create high-performance materials with enduring quality that are built to provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. And its DB75 Multi Ginger Crossbody is a shining example of this credo. The Peter Dooney-designed piece is constructed with water-repellent coated fabric and includes a 25-inch modifiable strap for wearers to customize their look. This model also includes a cell phone pocket, front slip pocket, one inside zip pocket and two inside pockets to house any on-the-go necessities you may have. Dooney & Bourke’s unconditional guarantee sweetens the deal for customers by offering a warranty against any defects in craftsmanship for a full year of normal use.

Kelly Clutch and Crossbody Handbag by Luis Steven (https://luissteven.com/)
Handmade in Los Angeles by expert artisans, Luis Steven is all about blending stylish designs that can handle your everyday needs. The designer-owned brand prides itself on using premium Italian leather and natural suede, so customers can get a functional and fashionable bag to enhance their wardrobes. The Kelly Clutch and Crossbody women’s bag comes with a detachable, adjustable leather crossbody strap and an elegant turn lock. This sleek, modern accessory features a luxurious suede interior with both a zipper and leather pocket as well as plenty of room for your intimate essentials. Customers can purchase the clutch in four colors, including light blue, sand, tan and black. Originally founded to elevate the work style of a busy commuter, brand creators Luis Castaner and Steven Brian aimed to create beautiful leather bags for everyday use that meet the needs of commuters and business professionals on-the-go. For example. Luis Steven’s backpacks are designed to add color, style and a touch of fun to the traditionally dull laptop bags on the market. The company’s recent re-launch expanded their product line to include business totes that also help today’s busy professional seamlessly transition from work to personal life with matching pieces. By dividing the weight and function into separate, coordinated bags, they can always put their polished and trendiest foot forward.

Handbags from Margo Paige (https://www.margopaige.com/)
For the event-goers out there, Margo Paige is a must. The brand creates sustainable, multi-functional and fashionable clear handbags and backpacks that can make a unique style statement for every outing. One Margo Paige design sure to stand out is the brand’s Clear Backpack. A first and only in this niche, the backpack is designed with lightweight and durable recycled materials and easily pairs with any outfit no matter the season. This everyday accessory comes with three straps, with two shorter straps used to create a backpack and a longer one that can be used as a shoulder or crossbody strap for multiple styling options. It just may become your go-to when galavanting. Another noteworthy Margo Paige, a company bestseller, is its Cut Out Crossbody bag that is certainly ideal for those who identify as fashion-forward. This item can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag and, like all of the company’s merchandise, is made of GRS-certified materials. The bonus of these bags is that they both comply with all clear handbag regulations required by event security and other venues across the country. In 2015 the NFL adopted the clear bag policy to enhance public safety and improve stadium access for fans — spurring most stadiums, concert and event venues to follow suit. Now, Margo Paige’s trendy and environmentally conscious accessories help customers look and feel good while enjoying any type of experience without unnecessary and avoidable hassle.

Handbag and Home Accessories from My Style Bags (https://mystylebags.com/us/)
Upgrade your personal style this season with My Style Bags’ specialized line of handbags, travel bags and accessories. Its Rebi Pochette Deluxe handbag can be monogrammed for personalization, while also serving up a classic appearance for all your winter and Festivus looks. The suede clutch is available in black, brown and cuoio colors and features an optional shoulder strap, internal cotton coating and magnet closure. The luxury Milanese brand imbues each of its products with its high quality, professional capability and carefully studied design — exploring the combination of collections that fully reflect the taste and style of Italy. My Style Bags also offers a personalization service for all its products, and allows customers to choose the name, initials and embroidery color to fully express their own creativity and style. And My Style Bags is also bringing its special brand of refined design and attention to detail with its home collection as well. For example, its highly giftable Diffusore Ambiente Con Bastoncini is an elegant home fragrance dispenser that includes sticks and ambient room sprays available in Talc, Linen and Country signature scents to help set the mood of your space. It smells amazing and adds a touch of design flair to nearly any space.

Accessories from Deux Mains (https://deuxmains.com/)
Deux Mains is on a mission to make free-thinking fashion for a fairer world — believing that when customers choose the brand, they aren’t just choosing to wear a piece of handcrafted art. They are also facilitating a livable wage, health insurance and access to education for Haitian people. In essence, they are choosing fashion that’s designed to do good. One of my personal favorites from Deux Mains’ premium jewelry collections is the unique and stunning Marcilia 18K Gold Long Lariat necklace. Made with solid gold wire that’s pounded into a perfect circle, the handcrafted piece features an eye-catching horn pendant and a pyrite teardrop that are both suspended on an adjustable chain. This accessory can easily be worn for the office or an evening out. The lariat necklace’s unique design doesn’t create a closed circle, but rather a straight chain or beaded strand that is wrapped once around the neck. Deux Mains suggests a few favorite ways to wear the Marcilia 18K Gold Long Lariat, including the half knot, asymmetrical, choker or the even ends. A personal favorite of brand founder Julie Colombino-Billingham, this style has the wearer pull both sides perfectly even to create a chic look. Deux Mains also carries a slate of other products, including genuine leather goods. Its Slim Laptop Sleeve is a Luxe List top pick, as it provides the protection your computer deserves with an elevated style. Customers toting this bag, which features repurposed inner tube additions and a sturdy YKK zipper to secure items within, can show up to meetings looking sharp. An ideal gift for yourself or loved ones, Deux Mains’ Slim Laptop Sleeve is an enduring accessory that only gets better with age.

Katia Designs Jewelry (https://katiadesigns.com/)
Katia Designs is just as passionate about what its line of jewelry looks like on the outside as the intent behind each piece. Founded by Catherine “Katia” Rudnick, the brand features empowering messages, as well as other components to its jewelry, including gemstones, crystals and more. Rudnick wanted the impact art and design have had on her personal life to be reflected throughout Katia Designs’ various collections. The line offers wearers thoughtful, inspirational messages when they need them most. A few phrases customers can expect to see in their jewelry include affirmational words like, “I am strong,” “I am who I am” and “Worthy.” Its “What You Seek Hamsa Long Fusion” necklace in black is of particular note. It features a Patina Bronze Finish Hamsa Pendant and magnetic clasp, as well as black onyx beads with a pearl shell moon, pearly eye and crystal quartz. Earning a U.S. patent in 2022 for its necklace system that allows you to wear one necklace three different ways, Katia Designs proudly embraces all the imperfections that occur when working with organic materials, which may include pits, cracks and other marks Mother Nature provided to add interest and beauty to each product.

Dickies’ Winter Shirts (https://www.dickies.com/)
There’s no need to sacrifice style just because it’s cold. This the Dickies brand knows well as exemplified by the Flannel-Lined Duck Shirt and the Bakerhill Long Sleeve Shirt, which both offer the warmth and durability to withstand all your adventures this season. The century-old company got its start making bib overalls. While Dickies has grown into the leading work apparel manufacturer worldwide, the quality, grit and quiet pride that comes out of its shop continues to embody the spirit of the American worker. Its Flannel-Lined Duck Shirt is a force to be reckoned with amid its high-quality, duck fabrication. Dickies teamed the ruggedness of the shirt’s reinforced seams with the 100-percent cotton flannel-lining that is sure to keep wearers warm on those brisk days. The utilitarian vibe is complete with extra pockets throughout the design, and snap closures provide ease of style and a perfect fit. Find your match with grape wine, chocolate brown, military green or rinsed black color options. If fall was a piece of clothing, it might look a little something like Dickies’ Bakerhill Long Sleeve Shirt. Made of durable twill that is as soft as it comes, this easy-wearing shirt can be worn simply with your favorite cords or layered under your essential fall or winter jacket. The relaxed fit, button-down is part of Dickies’ New Prep Collection, which takes the company’s classic suit style and reworks it with collegiate styling. It features a front packet with pencil division, woven chest label and box pleat for mobility with a back yoke. Part of an optional matching uniform set, the Bakerhill Long Sleeve Shirt is currently available in a brown plaid print.

Black Leather Jumpsuit Catsuit from ZippiLeather.com (https://www.zippileather.com/)
If you’re looking to make a real style statement but also maintain wardrobe versatility, the Simple Strappy Black Leather Jumpsuit Catsuit for Women from ZippiLeather.com fits the bill fabulously. Perfect for a night out on the town or even just a casual day at the office, this luscious leather jumpsuit is made from real sheepskin black leather giving it a touch of sophistication … while its strappy design keeps it fun and flirty. As with other ZippiLeather.com items that cover the entire garment gamut, you can fully customize this item to your specific body measurements or that of another. This black leather catsuit’s fitted silhouette ensures whoever wears it will look great, no matter what the body type. Plus, the item’s full satin lining ensures the fit is comfortable enough to wear all day and night. This pioneering fashion brand is renowned for developing some of the finest, high-end and affordable leather clothing for both men and women available on the market. Within its 15-plus years of operation, the company has expanded its collection to include motorcycle jackets, coats, pants, skirts, vests, dresses and more — driven by its all-encompassing mission to revolutionize the leather garment industry. All orders are delivered within six to seven business days worldwide.


‘Little Giant’ Velocity 17-Foot Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder by Ace Hardware (https://www.acehardware.com/)
For those home projects, give someone (or yourself) the gift of safety and stability with the Little Giant Velocity 17-Foot Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder from Ace Hardware. This Type IA ladder is constructed of a special alloy that makes it 20 percent lighter than any comparable industrial-rated ladder, and includes several innovative features. This includes the dual-pin hinge and the easy-to-use, patented Rock Locks system for quick setup and adjustment. Highly versatile, the Ace Hardware Little Giant Velocity ladder can be used in many unique configurations, including an A-frame, extension, staircase, 90-degree ladder and trestle and plank scaffolding system with the use of Velocity Trestle Brackets (sold separately). Its wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum construction provide an unmatched feeling of steadiness — rated to hold up to 300 pounds on both sides. It’s actually considered a true two-person ladder! Plus, its tip and glide wheels make for easy transport around the property or from job to job. The Little Giant Velocity extension ladder is also weather-resistant and exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards. Find this multi-position ladder at your local Ace Hardware store, with more than 5,000 storefronts around the world offering a wide variety of paint, lawn and garden, tools, local niche services and virtually anything you’ll ever need to fix, repair and maintain your home.

Cincha’s Travel Belt Luggage Fastener (https://www.cinchatravel.com/)
Airport-goers can maneuver from gate to getaway effortlessly with the Travel Belt by Cincha. This chic and practical accessory neatly secures your personal bag to your luggage, allowing you to move through the hustle and bustle hands-free. Based in Oakland, California, the Cincha co-founders designed the Travel Belt from first-hand experience and with other adventurers in mind — hoping to simplify the travel experience for all. The brand offers a wide variety of designs that show off your personal style, from modern prints and bold colors to a monogram option for a fun, personal touch. The Travel Belt features a matte black, quick-release buckle; vegan leather and elastic accents. It stretches to an adjustable 45 inches to fit most totes, backpacks, purses, briefcases, diaper bags, messenger bags and more. And, it seems Cincha’s trendy and effective solution has caught on. From receiving attention on TikTok to earning more than 1 million video views and tens of thousands of likes on its social media platforms, the company’s simple but genius problem-solving solution is clearly resonating.

RAINRAP Rain Poncho (https://rainraps.com/)
The RAINRAP is a fashionable and practical alternative to the traditional bulky rain jacket — combining the popular style of the pashmina and wrap in its hybrid hooded design. The brainchild of Stacy Struminger, the Richmond, Virginia resident had long seen the need for a more stylish, lightweight and water-repellent accessory in the often wet and humid local climate. Along with her best friend, Rachel Teyssier, the two set out to make this fashion need into a reality with the creation of RAINRAPS. The company’s 8-ounce reversible, fast-drying RAINRAP poncho has two shell buttons, a concealed magnetic closure and is easy to store in its matching travel pouch that can fit in a handbag, glove compartment or suitcase. One size fits most. RAINRAPS is also passionate about giving back, selecting a new organization to support each year. This year, RAINRAPS is donating a portion of its sales to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), which is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for those affected by mental illness.

StickTite Instant Stick-On Reading Lenses (https://www.sticktitelens.com/)
As we age, our eyes become less flexible and we find it hard to focus on nearby objects, such as a book or smartphone. This unavoidable condition usually appears in the early-to-mid-40s range — requiring nearly everyone have reading glasses of one form or another as they age. The situation is most acute when wearing sunglasses, requiring the wearer to replace their shades with readers. This age-revealing tell is a time-consuming hassle and some say it adds 15 years in 15 seconds. StickTite Lenses solve this problem. These stick-on reader lenses convert sunglasses into bifocal readers by sticking the adhesive lens to the inside of the bottom portion of any pair of sunglasses. Now, when the user glances down to read their phone, they are looking through a high-quality magnifying lens that easily allows them to read more clearly. StickTite lenses are made from a patented, high-index, flexible polymer that adheres to glass or plastic without the need for adhesives. Even better, the lenses can be repositioned, removed and reused without damaging the underlying lens or leaving any residue. Compared to competing brands, StickTite Lenses are 33 percent thinner and much more flexible, enabling them to successfully adhere regardless of the curvature of the underlying lens. Available in six diopters from +1.25 to +3.00, StickTite Lenses also work well with safety glasses, ski goggles and, because they are waterproof, even scuba masks.

Binibi’s Bilingual Education Sound Book Collection (https://www.binibi.co/)
Give the gift of teaching a child a second language this year. Binibi, an early-stage company dedicated to fostering bilingual education, has launched a collection of four Spanish-English sound books geared toward babies and toddlers. Illustrated and voiced by Salvadoran talent, all of the books are fully bilingual with text in English and Spanish on every page — allowing English-first parents to also understand what they’re reading or hearing. Binibi started with a group of native Spanish-speaking moms who saw a need in the marketplace for quality, Spanish-language interactive books for babies. When it comes to developing a second language, it’s essential that babies and toddlers hear it daily. It’s Binibi’s hope that its books provide a tool for doing just that, while also igniting the joy of reading and learning. The initial collection of four books aims to make bilingual learning fun and easy for children up to the age of five, with a unique full-sensory appeal that includes easy-to-press buttons with sounds and songs on every page and bright colors and illustrations designed to engage young learners. Even more, the content is vetted by early education specialists and crafted with rhyme and repetition to encourage language development. Binibi’s online user guides make the most of reading time, while the books’ rounded edges printed on sturdy board pages are perfect for little hands.

Superio’s Home Care Products (https://www.superiobrand.com/)
For those who love organization and appreciate having the right tools, the 15-liter and 22-liter Ribbed Storage Bins from Superio are a great solution. They’re suitable for storing virtually any item in any kind of space, whether a living room, laundry room, playroom, office, garage, bathroom and more. The basket’s ribbed design gives an elegant touch to your home and enables easy cleaning. They are also stackable, creating a professional look while providing practical organization in your living spaces. Slim enough to fit on crowded shelves, the Ribbed Storage Bins are sturdy, durable and very convenient with their cut-out handles that allow for a comfortable grip. This storage item is available in three sizes, including 5-liter, 15-liter and 22-liter baskets, which come with corresponding lids. Customers can choose from white smoke, white, taupe, lilac, stone blue, grey and brown to best complement their space’s look and feel. Superio lends its knack for crafting hard-working household products to every room in the house. Another example of this is its new 27-quart, Wicker-Style, Step-On Trash Can. Give your master bedroom, bathroom, guest room or back patio a stylish look with this basket-weave styled bin. It features a decorative design, strong pedal engineered for a smooth and easy step and is compact to fit in various places. Plus, the trash can’s separate interior conveniently slides out for easy wash and use and can be paired with matching laundry hampers, baskets, toilet brushes and step stools. Superio’s Wicker-Style, Step-On Trash Can is available in 6-quart, 12-quart and 27-quart sizes and comes in white, white smoke, grey, onyx grey, beige, brown and new brown.


Ooni Fyra’s 12-inch Wood Pellet Outdoor Pizza Oven from Ace Hardware (https://www.acehardware.com/)
Looking for a great way to amp up those soirees, make family time way more fun or to just express culinary creativity? Then fire up Ooni Fyra’s 12-inch Wood Pellet Outdoor Pizza Oven for authentic, stone-baked pizza — ready in 60 seconds flat. This portable outdoor pizza oven is powered by eco-friendly wood pellets to create the subtle, smoky flavors of a built-in, wood-fired oven. The Ooni Fyra isn’t a one-hit wonder, either. Far beyond pizza, you can use your outdoor oven to cook perfectly seared steak, chargrilled fish and chicken wings, or to roast vegetables and fruit crumbles. Or, if bread-based nosh is more your speed, the Ooni Fyra’s built-in Cordierite baking stone locks in heat — helping to bake flatbread, focaccia, calzones and naan to perfection. Featuring a removable chimney, the product includes a stone baking board, wood pellet burner, fully insulated door and an Ooni Fyra Manual and Essentials Guide that includes tips and recipes for new owners to take advantage of. The oven reaches temperatures of 932 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes, with the door permitting maximum heat retention. A viewing slot helps you better monitor the cooking process. Its detachable, two-piece chimney also includes an adjustable air vent to assist with temperature control. Ooni Fyra’s lightweight setup encourages customers to get-out-and-go with it, as it can easily be transported to tailgate parties, picnics and elsewhere.

GoBQ Portable Charcoal Grill (https://www.gobqgrills.com/)
The GoBQ Charcoal Grill is the world’s first and only portable grill made of fire and heat-resistant fabric that can withstand peak temperatures of more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It folds up quickly to the size of a small duffle bag, which can fit in a backpack or be stored in a drawer — and is even TSA-friendly. Weighing in at only 9.2 pounds, the GoBQ Charcoal Grill is lightweight, extremely compact and incredibly fast and easy to set up. It also cools down seven times faster than metal, so you can quickly be on your way to the next stop. For all of that ultra-portability, you don’t sacrifice valuable grilling space. With 182-square inches, users can fit 24 hot dogs, 15 burgers, a whole flank steak or two racks of ribs across its grates. Plus, the GoBQ Charcoal Grill’s 7 inches of lid clearance allows you to smoke an entire chicken. While competitive grills intended to be portable can be too bulky to carry more than a few feet, are too small, include rickety grates or come without a lid, this GoBQ product is the best of all worlds and doesn’t sacrifice functionality for portability. It’s the ultimate grill for camping, tailgating, boating, picnics, the beach, road trips or any outdoor journey, and makes an awesome gift for that special griller in your life.

Kitchen Appliances from Vinci Housewares (https://www.amazon.com/)
Do you know someone whose kitchen appliance game need a boost? Vinci Housewares has you covered. For one, its Hands-Free Citrus Juicer is the only countertop appliance of its kind, featuring a patented, pressure-sensitive and rind-thickness detection technology that squeezes fresh juice without a mess in just 10 seconds. The device also eliminates the bitterness that comes with other juicers when breaking the fruit’s rind. The Hands-Free Citrus Juicer, which has an impressively small footprint, is the perfect start to a healthy morning — ideal for when recipes call for fresh juice and perfect for crafting delicious cocktails at home. This item features a BPA-free, tritan plastic juicer bowl and a juice reservoir that holds up to 12 ounces. Another great option is Vinci’s Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Constructed to eliminate the long, 18 to 24-hour wait of traditional cold brewing coffee methods, this product brews and fully extracts delicious cold brew coffee in as little as five minutes. Simply fill the carafe with room-temperature water, add medium (drip) ground coffee to the filter, select your brew strength and enjoy. There are four settings to choose from, ranging from light to extra bold. The compact Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker won’t take up much coveted refrigerator space and is drinkable for up to 10 days. The California-based company was founded by a team of engineers dedicated to making unique products that fulfill the brand’s promise of quality, durability and functionality.

Basquettes Culinary Tool for the Oven and Grill (https://www.amazon.com/)
Give your favorite cook or grill master the only tool that can be used in both the oven and on the grill: Basquettes. This hugely versatile device can be used to air-fry, crisp, roast, rotisserie, dehydrate, grill, smoke and cool — turning your oven into a high-capacity air-fryer and grill into a fast smoker. The Basquettes innovation replaces eight single-use, space-hogging gadgets and can quickly become the healthier, faster and easier go-to for crafting daily meals, snacks and party food. Its patent-pending, fat-draining design enables users to cook multiple layers of food with 50 percent less grease and in a fraction of the time, while also eliminating the need to tediously flip individual pieces of food. Basquettes is PFOA- and PTFE-free, scratch- and corrosion-resistant and the stainless-steel construction means the baskets are safe for dishwashers and metal grill tools. This inventive, stackable basket set is comprised of two multi-functional and multi-positional nesting baskets, each of different heights, which feature removable and adjustable tops. Plus, the device’s patent-pending intertwining legs allow the baskets to be stacked and flipped in any direction and in one easy motion. Basquettes is the perfect present for both novice and experienced chefs and a great gift for the person who has everything.


Bedazzled Barware from Joanna Buchanan (www.joannabuchanan.com)
Perhaps my favorite barware brand of the season. Whimsy meets luxury with Joanna Buchanan’s array of bedazzled barware that’s as visually striking as it is functional. There’s nothing more welcoming than a well-stocked bar, and especially one with a little sparkle. Buchanan’s line of seasonal accessories, holiday decor and gifts offer an unexpected and delightful twist on the conventional — transforming the holiday season by adding a level of vintage sophistication and glamour that’s a true standout in the marketplace. For example, its Stripey Bee Cocktail Shaker Set is a winning gift for anyone who loves a cocktail or likes to play bartender. This complete bar accessory set has been two years in the making, and comes beautifully boxed with an elegant gold-toned stainless-steel shaker, spoon, strainer and jigger. Inspired by a modern mix of color, texture, sparkle and Buchanan’s own garden, the heirloom-quality Stripey Bee Cocktail Shaker Set sits perfectly with the brand’s other Stripey Bee cocktail accessories for customers who desire to expand their collection. This includes Joanna Buchanan’s Bedazzled Bee Wine Charms that continue with the bee theme. They are a special, sparkling way of marking your stemmed glass. Each eye-catching charm is a unique bug loaded with crystals and is sure to delight all your guests. The zinc, glass and resin-made Bedazzled Bee Wine Charms come in a set of six and are packaged in a gift box. They also epitomize a hostess gift that’s sure to induce shock and awe.

Smoked Cocktail Topper Kit from Helius Originals (https://heliusoriginals.com/)
Significantly, and easily, enhance your cocktail or mocktail experience with Helius Originals’ Smoked Cocktail Topper Kit. The brand’s signature cocktail chimney allows you to infuse food and drinks with premium Canadian smoke — elevating them with subtle earthy notes that bring favorite ingredients to life. . Along with the cocktail chimney, each Smoked Cocktail Topper Kit contains four tins of premium Canadian reclaimed wood shavings, a wood cocktail topper, a torch, a cleaning brush and a replacement screen packaged in a hand-stained wood box. Helius Originals suggests cocktails that are served stirred or a bit forward on the booze for this method of mixology, but at-home bartenders are encouraged to experiment with lighter spirits, cognac or even wine to craft a new take on old favorites. You can also put the cocktail topper to use for small food items, including meat and cheeses. With every ounce of smoke that cascades into your glass, you are creating a lasting experience for you and your loved ones to remember this holiday season. Based in Canada, Helius Originals creates eco-luxury products that require very little fossil fuel energy and divert materials from landfills. Its goods are sourced from reclaimed lumber, with the company actively collaborating with local sawmills to help build the Canadian labor industry and support other small business owners

Premium Cincoro Tequila (https://www.reservebar.com)
In July of 2016, five friendly competitors — Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets; Jeanie Buss, owner of the Los Angeles Lakers; Wes Edens, owner of the Milwaukee Bucks; and Wyc Grousbeck and Emilia Fazzalari, owners of the Boston Celtics — met for dinner and bonded over their shared passion of tequila. After many more adventures together, this core group of founding partners set out with one mission: To create the finest tequila anyone has ever tasted. Enter Cincoro Tequila — a naturally rich and delicious family of tequilas revered for being smooth on the palate with a complex, long finish. This elevated spirit is uniquely made with 100 percent Weber Blue agave from private farms in both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico. The agave is hand-selected from private farms after 6–8 years, ensuring the highest levels of sugar required to produce the smoothest, most flavorful taste possible. Then, it’s slow-cooked in a small batch process, which distills the highland and lowland tequilas separately before blending them together to create the Cincoro signature taste profile. The Cincoro family portfolio of ultra-smooth, award-winning tequilas features several expressions, including Cincoro Blanco, Cincoro Reposado, Cincoro Añjeo, Cincoro Extra Añejo and Cincoro Gold — making the brand a perfect holiday gift for anyone who appreciates sipping a delicious tequila neat, or in a high-end, crafted cocktail.

Bozal Mezcal Spirits (https://www.bozalmezcal.com/)
Bozal Mezcal is a wildly-refined label made from indigenous Mexican agave. Produced by the 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, the product’s name — the Spanish term “bozal” that translates to “wild” or “untamed” — is a nod to the wild species of Mexican agave grown in hard-to-reach, uncultivated lands of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Durango. It’s also in reference to the untamed traditions used by the company’s family-operated distilleries, or mezcaleros, to distill small batches in those same locations. The Sonoma, California-based business has a diverse collection of award-winning beverages under fourth-generation vintner, August Sebastiani, which spans a roster of wines to a variety of craft spirits. When it comes to Bozal Mezcal, specifically, the company now boasts 19 featured unique mezcals made from 15 wild varieties of agave, including its most recent vegetarian expression, Guías de Calabaza. This addition is helping shape a full lineup of exotic, intense flavors that offer rich earth tones and savory smokiness. The profiles of each mezcal in the portfolio change drastically from the type and maturity of the agave and the production method, but the tactile, earth-tone ceramic bottles never fail to impress with their rustic, artisanal design. Alluding to the traditional terra cotta copitas used for drinking mezcal, the brown, or marrón, ceramic bottle of Guías de Calabaza signifies the Sacrificio production style, while the green strip label signifies a vegetarian production. No matter who the recipient, Bozal Mezcal makes a unique gift for any lover of unique spirits.

WhistlePig Whiskey’s Products (https://whistlepigwhiskey.com/)
Does he or she have a shelf full of high-end, Kentucky whiskey and bourbon? Looks like they’re missing out on the taste of Vermont. WhistlePig Whiskey, a leading independent craft brand known for its rye revolution and out-of-the-box experimentation, believes in creating big, bold flavors throughout its collection of inspired spirits. It recently launched the PiggyBack Bourbon PigSkin Bundle, which features PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon — the requisite partner to the distillery’s beloved PiggyBack 100% Rye. WhistlePig is giving PiggyBack Bourbon the “full send” on flavor so that home bartenders can give it 100, whether reaching for PiggyBack Bourbon or Rye … because every true whiskey fan needs both. Just like the Rye, PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon offers bigger age, higher proof and a bolder grain profile than most traditional American whiskey. And its Pigskin Bourbon Bundle is the ultimate PiggyBack starter pack. Another brand standout this season is the fourth edition of WhistlePig Double Malt Rye — the brand’s oldest longest-aged rye whiskey that’s “patiently mellowed” for a full 18 years. A show-stopping gift and collectors’ whiskey, this fourth edition of WhistlePig 18 reaches new heights with a finish in Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry Casks from Jerez, Spain. Its base of 79 percent rye delivers bold, peppery spice, while the 15 percent malted rye adds soft, floral and earthy character. A final six percent of malted barley brings rich, sweet, toasted and aromatic notes with toasted almonds, caramel and subtle, smoked maple. The palate experiences a rush of warmth, melting into barely sweet, grassy, spice with a lingering soft honey note. The dried fruit finish is lengthy and lingering. Each edition is presented with a handmade glass topper — a one-of-a-kind objet d’farm — designed in Shoreham, Vermont and crafted by independent, family-owned glass makers. Finally, brand new to the scene is the WhistlePig PiggyBank that is perfect for those in your life who appreciates a good laugh and a good buzz (along with a bit of pig hijinks). Give the gift of the distillery’s limited-edition PiggyBank filled with WhistlePig’s 100 percent rye whiskey, aged 10 years and bottled at 110-proof in a one-liter, replica “Berkshire Bitter Pig” decanter, from which WhistlePig’s prized whiskey proudly pours from the rear. Bottoms up!

Uncle Val’s Gin (https://www.unclevalsgin.com/)
Gin has become one of the fastest growing categories in the global spirits industry over the last few years and 3 Badge Beverage Corporation has expanded its portfolio of award-winning beverages to reach this audience with its ultra-premium Uncle Val’s Gin. Handcrafted and 45 percent ABV, this smooth, sipping gin can be perfectly enjoyed on its own or in simple cocktails. Customers can choose from four flavors, including Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin, Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin and Uncle Val’s Zested Gin. The family-owned company is led by August Sebastiani out of an old fire station in Sonoma. True to its family-forward mission, Sebastiani developed the entire Uncle Val’s line as an homage to his late uncle, Valerio Cecchetti — a physician with an affinity for gardening in his quant Italian town outside Lucca. The herbs Uncle Val grew were not only perfectly suited for the local cuisine, but also happen to make exceptionally unique and smoothly delicious gin. “Zested” is the latest expression to join the Uncle Val’s Gin label, which evokes the bounty of his summer garden with perfumes of fresh citrus, crushed coriander and underlying notes of Bergamot tea, mandarin peel and clove. Tasters can also expect energizing flavors of ripe Crenshaw melon, crisp cucumber and tangy Kaffir lime, with hints of white pepper and allspice for a long, lingering finish. The brand suggests using Uncle Val’s Zested Gin as a base spirit to add a touch of natural orange citrus to classic cocktails, such as negronis, mimosas or breakfast martinis. But, for gin purists, this beverage gracefully lends itself to enjoy neat or with a splash of natural soda.

BRAND Napa Valley’s 2017 Vineyard N°95 Cabernet Sauvignon One Bottle Gift Box (https://brandnapavalley.com/)
A BRAND Napa Valley one-bottle gift box is sure to impress whoever it’s bequeathed to, whether friends, family, a discerning host or hostess and certainly your clients, employees and colleagues. Presented in a sleek black box, this chic offering includes a CapaBunga wine stopper and any of BRAND Napa Valley’s four estate wines: 2020 White Wine, 2017 Vineyard N°95 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2019 Proprietary Blend or 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. With my personal choice of the 2017 Vineyard N°95 Cabernet Sauvignon as the bottle of choice, a well-received response is practically guaranteed. The lively Cabernet Sauvignon was grown on one of the winery’s three distinct vineyards located in Napa, California’s red-wine hot spot, Pritchard Hill. At an elevation of 1,200 feet above sea level, these vineyard blocks grow on shallow volcanic ash to produce vibrant and energetic Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc varieties. BRAND’s 2017 Vineyard N°95 Cabernet Sauvignon opens with aromas of sweet coffee beans, crushed graphite and warm rhubarb. Supple tannins coat the palate as black cherry and plum flavors give way to baking spice, dark chocolate and blackberry compote on the seamless finish. The wine is full-bodied and energetic with the structure to support years of graceful aging.

Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jellies (http://www.mrsgsjellies.com)
Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jellies is one sweet and spicy combo condiment that can elevate literally hundreds of your favorite recipes and snacks. Home chefs can use them on everything from sweet and spicy shrimp skewers, to “grownup” peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. In wineries and friendly gatherings, people regularly find the products amping up lavish charcuterie boards to pair with crackers, cheese, fruit and that perfect glass (or several) of vino. Mrs. G’s is widely revered for producing hot pepper jellies with fresh jalapeños and habaneros, using only all-natural, non-GMO ingredients — containing no preservatives or gluten — to ensure excellence in taste and quality. Since Mrs. G’s is “sweet on heat,” the company offers not just one, but four distinctive flavors: Ja-Ha (jalapeño-habanero); Jalapeño Garlic Lime; Mango Ginger Habanero; and Peach Habanero. Each one is crafted to enjoy with food and pairs deliciously with grilled meats, fish and roasted vegetables, or can be combined into a unique sandwich spread or dipping sauce. Customers can keep it simple, too. Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jellies are delicious when served on toast, with cheese or straight out of the jar — this versatile product has just enough of a sweet kick to complement almost anything. This savory endeavor began more than 20 years ago when creator, Cindy Greaver, started making jalapeño and habanero jellies as gifts for friends and family. Now, in its eighth year of business, Mrs. G’s Hot Pepper Jellies have caught fire with customers across the country, igniting a passion for these paradoxical sauces.

The Peach Truck’s ‘Peach Cobbler Kit Trio’ and Signature ‘Pecan Pie Kit’ (https://thepeachtruck.com/)
What’s better than one Peach Cobbler Kit? Well, three, of course. The Peach Truck’s Peach Cobbler Kit Trio ensures you’re ready for any gathering this winter as it contains everything you need to make a classic peach cobbler that tastes like it’s made from scratch — but without all the work. Just add milk and butter to the mix and stir in the Peach Cobbler filling, which is made from The Peach Truck peaches. You’ll then be well on your way to a warm and tasty dessert that will make any get-together extra special. Also notable is that The Peach Truck’s goods are hand-picked at the perfect time and packed the same day it ships to you — guaranteeing fresh yumminess every time. Another seasonal favorite, the company’s Signature Pecan Pie Kit, comes stocked with fresh pecans from The Peach Truck along with premium ingredients that are carefully packaged to ensure the perfect start to a delicious pecan pie that everyone will love. The Peach Truck provides customers with fresh, flavorful and nutrient-packed produce as a delicious alternative to the offerings commonly found at the grocery store. Its dedicated and passionate growers continuously work toward sustainable, eco-conscious farming techniques that keep producing the very best fruits today and for years to come.

Eat Me Guilt Free Protein Snacks (https://www.eatmeguiltfree.com/)
Eat Me Guilt Free bakes up delicious gift ideas to indulge in without regret during the holiday season and beyond. And, its limited-edition Holiday Cheer chocolate brownie is definitely on the “nice” list. The calorie-conscious treat features white chocolate chips and is coated in green and red sprinkles that are both festive and decadent, creating the perfect holiday snack. Other available flavors include Birthday Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Vanilla Blondie, Peanut Butter Bliss and more. Its Holiday Cheer brownies are a winter customer-favorite, but are only available for online purchase through Sunday, December 31. Founded by registered nurse and certified sports nutritionist Cristie Besu, the Florida-based company began as a passion project for the Cuban American mom-of-three as she discovered the importance and satisfaction of protein-packed and better-for-you foods. Now a booming small business, Eat Me Guilt Free offers a tasty line of bread, brownies, snacks and tortilla wraps with an unprecedented protein-to-carbohydrate ratio — making them a high-protein, low-carb alternative to traditional snacks and foods. This company understands that well-balanced goodies and superior taste aren’t mutually exclusive.

*** SELF-CARE ***

Volo Beauty Hair Care Products (https://volobeauty.com/)
It’s time to cut the cord on blow-drying this holiday season and beyond. VOLO Beauty has introduced an easier way to dry your locks with its salon-quality VOLO Go Cordless Dryer that goes anywhere life may take you, literally. The VOLO Go is a portable hair dryer that is three-times as energy efficient as a traditional hair dryer thanks to the industry’s most innovative infrared heat technology. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the VOLO Go’s quartz infrared bulb delivers radiant heat that is extremely gentle on the hair, helping it to dry quickly and efficiently by penetrating each strand of hair so the result is always soft and smooth. The brand’s unique charging station is low profile, so it can easily fit on a countertop or vanity. It includes a subtle accessory dish and USB port to charge other devices. Of course, drying your hair doesn’t always start with the blow dryer. The VOLO Hero Hair Towel is a helpful kick start. It’s made with its plush, Nanoweave material that is gentle, absorbent and proven to decrease hair drying time by 50 percent. In fact, it’s so durable that the blanket-soft fabric is reported to absorb 10-times its own weight in water. For those tired of having towels quickly unravel with every movement, the VOLO Beauty team dreamed up the snug strap design to effectively hold the VOLO Hero Hair Towel in place. So, it can work its magic without you having to lift a finger. After all, the company’s goal is to ensure its customers have a great hair day every day — no matter how they like to dry it.

Bombay Hair’s Styling Tools (https://bombayhair.com/)
Good hair, good day — that’s Bombay Hair’s mantra. The brand offers a variety of curling wands, curling irons, flat irons and styling kits to round out its catalogue, which features styling tools made from various precious metals to provide long-lasting performance. Don’t just take the company’s word for it, either. Bombay Hair’s 5-in-1 Curling Wand Set landed on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ 2021 List — making it possible to master salon-style from the comfort of one’s own home. The item features five interchangeable barrels of varying sizes, a heat resistant glove and two clips for buyers to utilize. The tourmaline barrels heat up in seconds and range in temperatures from 170- to 450-degrees. Plus, for those who are always on the go, all Bombay Hair’s heating tools come equipped with an automatic power down function for those days someone may forget to turn off their curler or flat iron. Another top-selling product is Bombay Hair’s Hair Dryer. The AC salon-style motor lasts three-times longer than conventional DC motors, giving users the power of a whopping 1875-watts of “oomph.” But with all that gusto, this dryer also notably includes positive and negative ion settings — allowing the tool to penetrate the hair cortex more deeply, while also helping to result in softer and healthier hair. Still have room for more in your home’s hair tool kit? Bombay Hair’s biggest sellers, the Hair Waver, gives customers those sought-after mermaid locks, while its three-in-one wands are interchangeable and serious space-savers for cluttered drawers.

LaJeanell’s Essential Makeup Limited Edition Set (https://www.lajeanell.com/)
LaJeanell has everything you need to create a simple, yet glam look with its Essential Makeup Limited Edition Set with Organic Cosmetic Bag. This exclusive makeup kit with carry bag features several products to accentuate your entire face: Moonlight Lume Pod highlighter; Dramatic Lashes Black Mascara; Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek and Eye Shadow (available in five shades); Neutral Lip Liner Pencil; and Mini application brush. Former model and skincare expert, Shirley Powell, created LaJeanell –an indie brand helping customers create looks that are timeless and effortless. Take the set’s Moonlight Lume Pod, for instance. This product adds a festive touch with its unique, creamy formula that blends nicely to produce a shimmering accent. Top it off with the versatile Winter Holly Berries Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek and Eye Shadow color as a great choice to complete the look. LaJeanell’s quality makeup products are ideal for sensitive skin, and made with organic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-packed ingredients with natural healing properties. Its formulas are also vegan, cruelty, fragrance and preservative-free — developed without the use of synthetics, parabens, formaldehyde and phthalates.

Pro Lash’s Classic Lash Set (http://prolash.com/)

Pro Lash creates accessible, professional lashes for safe and simple at-home application. For more than a decade, the beauty company has been innovating in the professional lash space with solutions solving several key false lash issues: time, difficulty and comfort. Pro Lash developed a fool-proof way for beauty fanatics to have long-lasting, professional-grade lashes that can be applied within minutes in the comfort of your own home. Featuring its Pro Lock flexi-hold adhesive system, Pro Lash’s lash sets provide 10-plus days of continuous wear. The patent-pending technology also allows your natural lashes to move and grow at their own pace, so they hold on while still promoting healthy natural lashes. For its part, Pro Lash’s Classic Lash Set includes three sets of hypoallergenic, comfortable lashes for month-long wear. This set will transform any look while keeping things light and natural, as they’re designed to enhance your natural beauty but not add too much drama. All you have to do is apply the lash set, brush on the second step of the application process like you would a coat of mascara and then crimp to set them. With it, you can sit back and enjoy the holidays without worrying about how your lashes look — and by gifting the set you can help other beauty devotees do the same.

Theraderm’s Anti-Aging System (https://theraderm.net/)
Theraderm makes giving the gift of great skin easy and customizable with its Anti-Aging System kit. This daily skin care regimen exfoliates, moisturizes and traps harmful free radicals with its four core products: Cleansing Wash; Fruit Acid Exfoliant; OPC Reparative Serum; and Eternox Peptide Crème. Theraderm’s soap-free, surfactant facial wash was formulated to leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed, but not dry, while the included gentle action application pads and Fruit Acid Exfoliant work together to effectively exfoliate dulling skin cells and promote a smooth, even surface. No total skin system would be worth using without a formula designed to repair signs of aging — that’s where the Theraderm OPC Reparative Serum comes in. Its powerful antioxidant properties are packed with oligomeric proanthocyanidns intended to optimize skin’s health, as well as prevent sun damage. Lastly, the system’s pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in Eternox Peptide Crème provide the anti-aging support skin needs to stay smooth and healthy by supporting gene expression, transcription factors and cell signaling molecules. Its three patented peptides act in concert to minimize moderate wrinkles and tighten lax neck skin. Theraderm’s Anti-Aging System was created to be used morning and evening for optimal benefit.

Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Duo Skincare System (https://vievesleaves.com/)
Experience radiant, balanced skin with Vieve’s Leaves Restorative Serum and Rejuvenating Facial Fusion. Its Restorative Duo Skincare System provides the nutrients and hydration that skin needs to enhance its natural luminescence. The calming and vitamin-enriched treatment can be applied during your morning and evening routines for optimal, age-defying beauty. Developed with help from scientists and skincare experts, Vieve’s Leaves uses a combination of natural extracts, active botanicals and minerals — ensuring that none of its products include potentially harmful ingredients, plastics or metals. Take the Restorative Serum, for instance. In part one of the skincare system, this product was developed using fruit stem cells, peptides and vitamins A and E to help protect the longevity of skin stem cells, delay senescence of essential cells and increase the vitality of those cells. It also combats chronological aging, while also providing antioxidant protection for the skin. Vieve’s Leaves Rejuvenating Facial Fusion moisturizer is packed with vitamins, organic aloe, green tea, chamomile and other natural ingredients designed to help reduce fine lines, wrinkle and fight inflammation. The moisturizer shields skin against UV rays, free radicals and pollution — helping to kick-start collagen production, increasing cell turnover, firmness and elasticity and the skin’s moisture up to 70 percent in just four weeks. Vieve’s Leaves is all about promoting beauty from the inside, out. Each of the proprietary formulas in the company’s line have been tested and retested to ensure that they’ll make its customers feel as good as they’ll look.

Biotin Hair Serum from Pureauty Naturals (https://pureautynaturals.com)
Does your hair seem thin? Experiencing breakage or losing your edges and hairlines? Thicker, stronger and more healthy-looking hair is not just a matter of genetics — it’s a matter of nutrition, too. Pureauty Naturals is all about promoting healthy hair growth the smart way, by understanding thinning and disappearing hair can develop from many lifestyle factors, including getting the right vitamins and minerals. The company’s Biotin Hair Serum is a topical strengthening option packed with those essential ingredients that nourish and support hair to achieve the dense and lustrous results you’ve always wanted. Pureauty Naturals formulated its product specifically with edges and hairline maintenance in mind, firmly believing that the secret of the serum’s strength lies within its powerful, proprietary formula. Unlike other hair care brands that are filled with junky filler content, the Biotin Hair Serum includes three core ingredients: Biotin; pea sprout extract; and pro-vitamin B5. Together, they help stimulate keratin production in hair follicles, feed the scalp with essential nutrients and aid in adding volume and sheen to your hair. Pureauty Naturals manufactures its products in the U.S. — ensuring the company doesn’t practice animal testing on any of its inventory. And as a leader in biotin hair care with hundreds of thousands of customers to vouch for its success, you — and your locks — can only make gains.

Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher (https://www.amazon.com/)
Here’s a way to help folks you care about find relief. The Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher adheres to the natural curve of your back. The device elongates and decompresses the spine to reduce pressure and pain. Simultaneously, acupressure nodes gently massage your back to relieve tension and soreness. The Everlasting Comfort Back Stretcher is not intended to crack or pop your back, but rather gently stretch it. It can be set to three different angles: 15 degrees, 30 degrees or 45 degrees. The higher the arch, the more of a stretch you receive. Everlasting Comfort’s product has a supportive, premium memory foam pad wrapped inside a machine washable, 3D-mesh cover that cushions your spine for optimal positioning. The soft traction cushion also provides added stability and support during your stretches. Ideal for sciatica pain and lower back pain relief, the back stretcher is designed to withhold a maximum of 350 pounds. Although perfect for stretching your back while lying down, the product’s versatile spine board comes with a chair strap that attaches to any chair back so you can stretch while sitting upright and help promote a healthier posture. Designed to make everyday life easier, Everlasting Comfort offers a wide variety of home essentials that provide the comfort and ease you may never have known you needed.

Premium Bamboo Weighted Sleep Eye Mask by Ocushield (https://www.ocushield.com/)
Ocushield’s manifesto is based on this belief: Your eyes are everything — and they need to be taken care of. With its Premium Bamboo Weighted Sleep Mask, the optometrist-developed product was created to do just that by aiding in your rest and recovery. This premium blackout mask blocks out all light and helps relieve dry eye symptoms, promoting a healthier night’s sleep. Its expert design features small glass beads that distribute a calming, weighted sensation across key pressure points around the eye area. It’s even endorsed by the Sleep Foundation. Choose between a heated or cooling feel, as the beads can be chilled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave for whichever experience you prefer. Heating the mask’s detachable inner compress for 1–2 minutes also promotes blood circulation and relaxation of the eye muscles, while the cold treatment aids in relieving stress and eye pain. The Bamboo Weighted Sleep Eye Mask is made from premium bamboo and satin, and touts naturally breathable and hypoallergenic materials. With a neutral design suitable for both men and women, and a lightweight and adjustable strap, this eye mask makes the perfect gift for a frequent traveler, a new parent or anyone looking to improve the quality of their sleep. Ocushield’s slate of products aim to address its mission of protecting customers’ eyes from the bombardment of artificial light in the modern world. From phone and computer screen protectors, to supplements and lamps, this company has you — and your eyes’ overall wellness — covered.

Instant FIRMxè Eye Tightener 2-Piece Kit from Peter Thomas Roth (https://www.sephora.com/)
The temporary eye tightener product turned viral TikTok sensation, Instant FIRMxè Eye, is now available in a full-size, two-piece kit for the holidays. Developed by Peter Thomas Roth, this extra-strength, quick-fix treatment instantly tightens, firms and smooths the delicate eye area — temporarily minimizing the look of under-eye bags, wrinkles and crow’s feet. But, don’t let its name fool you. Instant FIRMx Eye’s unique formula provides temporary results reportedly with long-term benefits. Its blend of ingredients includes silicates, seaweed, a powerful peptide complex and potent alfalfa and lupine complex to successfully address fine lines, puffiness, loss of firmness and skin elasticity. The brand’s popular treatment is suitable for all skin types and is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, formaldehydes and mineral oil. The company reports that, in a clinically measured study of 25 women ranging from ages 36 to 65, fully 100 percent of users showed improvement in under-eye puffiness after just three minutes. It’s a thoughtful stocking stuffer and a great way to put your own best face forward this season.

August + Monroe’s 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage (https://www.augustmonroe.com)
The clean and vegan August + Monroe brand’s 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage is a game-changer and a perfect stocking stuffer. Customers can use it as a primer, concealer or nighttime spot treatment for women, men and teens. The brainchild of makeup artist Alexandra Weinstein and Michael A. Conder, August + Monroe’s co-founders sought to create a unique formula that did more than just conceal blemishes, but also heal them at the same time. The treatment is safe for all skin types and is also dermatologist-tested and approved. Even more, the 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage successfully fights acne and breakouts without over-drying the skin. This secret beauty weapon for men and women is designed with a roster of clean, skin-loving ingredients, including vitamin C, squalane oil, aloe and arnica — all working to hydrate, nourish and heal the skin for a radiant, blemish-free appearance. The product’s BPA-free silicone tip prevents cross-contamination and future breakouts, while its color-changing technology successfully mimics your own natural skin tone as you blend. Customer testing of August + Monroe’s 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage has garnered stellar reviews, with a reported 95 percent of those surveyed saying they would recommend it to a friend and a resounding 100 percent saying they experienced zero irritation and redness. Plus, the brand claims that users can expect to experience results in two weeks or less. With results like that, the 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage is the gift that keeps on giving.


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